We Take Our Brains With Us

I think I am realizing we DO take our brains with us everywhere we go… 🙂

I am a Triple Diamond and have accomplished great success with weight loss goal, relationships, and overall awareness of my thoughts and feelings.

I am now in a different country, after leaving the US for a few months in order to take care of my mother full-time as she’s going through cancer.

An issue I have dealt with when I was back in my house in the US, unsurprisingly presented itself again now that I am here, and at first I thought, “Well, clearly, it must be the pandemic as well as my mom’s health condition that cause me to avoid writing…”

But the truth is that I am an aspiring writer who always had issues with fear to write. Always procrastinated. Always delayed my calendar meeting to write. And over the last 8 years I have only two works to show for that both were written last year, while the entire other time I was buffering and procrastinating.

I cleaned up models and came down to these believable thoughts:

– There’s a pandemic in the world.
– I am safe and well.
– My mom has cancer.
– My mom is safe and getting medical treatment.
– I am a writer and a writer can write from anywhere.
– Over this past month, since I am here I haven’t written anything yet. This is a fact.
– Given my mom’s situation and our daily routine, I know I could carve out at least four hours a day to write.
– I have notebooks, pens, computer and everything I need to write.
– I want to be able to say in two months that I have completed one script.
– Nothing is unusual about where I am. I could write from here too.
– I want to be able to show up for my scheduled time to write and follow through.
– It doesn’t make me feel good when I procrastinate.

So, after all these thoughts I am still not doing anything.I have scheduled an entire project and each time the meeting shows up I push it to two hours later or to another day.

Where to from here?