We Teach so We Learn

I was working with a client on her overwhelm about her schedule yesterday and we talked about how she is planning, whether she is being realistic, how she is determining whether or not the day was a success or not, etc. I pulled out my planner to show her how detailed I keep it and had to flip back several days because the last couple didn’t have much on there. This was perfect timing for me to be put on the spot like that. I used it as a teaching moment and then was able to reflect at the end of the day why I had been feeling so tired and had gained weight. It felt so much easier this morning to be self-defeating about the extra weight than to take a few minutes to do a thought download.
So, as always, thanks to my clients who give me a place to keep relearning everything over and over again. Today my planner is back to the usual and I am already starting to feel a lot better and got a lot done despite being physically tired.

Thank you, as always.