weak and woozy

I have been doing IF 18/6 and 16/8 for 7 days. No flour, no sugar, 90% keto, no smoking no drinking. I am feeling weak, light headed, dizzy, nauseous and woozy and today like crying, have to force myself to move. I am diabetic and my numbers are all significantly improved. Last night I had a carb binge. I work today. I am also in a relationship with a man who is conflicted about being with me. My purpose in life is to love everything in my life, happy, sad, EVERYTHING. Here are my models.
C BF feels conflicted about me
T I don’t know whats right for me
F frustated
A eat
R feel worse

C BF feels conflicted about me
T I am growing through this
F lots of hurt
A drink caffeine, work anyway
R stay on protocol, I am growing