weaning from anti-depressants – feelings coming faster and can’t catch my thoughts

I’m about 1/3 of the way through the process of weaning from the anti-depressants I’ve been taking for 11 years (prescribed due to post partum depression). Everything feels a little sharper right now, like I had earmuffs on before and now I don’t.

I’ve noticed that many of my feelings are more visceral than before, and are created very quickly before I can catch the thought that’s causing them. My daughter head butted me yesterday and I physically felt a flash of very sharp irritation and my body reacted accordingly. I was able to create an intentional thought immediately AFTER that (“she’s been couped up all weekend and has a lot of energy to expend”) which created a more comfortable feeling and resulted in giving her the attention and movement she needed.

Any suggestions on how I can catch the thoughts creating these feelings that seem so instinctual and flinching? Is it possible that the sharpness of these feelings are just taking me off guard because I haven’t felt them in so many years? Maybe it will subside with time?