Wearing my wedding ring (I’m divorced)

I am trying to feel neutral about my wedding ring. Currently, it sits in a safety deposit box and the bank is removing the boxes and I need to collect the ring. I’ve avoided doing anything with the ring because I have so many negative emotions about it (related to the marriage). I am hoping you can give me some help around my intentional model.
C: Wearing my old wedding ring
T: It feels too sad to wear the ring. It feels “heavy”
F: Sad, guilty, depressed
A: Leave the ring in the box
R: Don’t wear the ring or deal with the ring

C: Wearing my old wedding ring
T: It’s possible I could wear the ring with no emotion
F: Neutral
A: ??
R: ??

Do I practice wearing the ring? Do I just think about wearing the ring? How do I have an action for neutrality?