We have a wedding coming up and the groom likes to take his time making decisions and wants to be involved in everything. The problem is we are 3 months away and a number of key items have not been attended to. My daughter has explained to him that it causes her enormous stress because she has a big job and travels a lot and only has certain “windows” to work on but he continues to say that they have plenty of time and he doesn’t feel like attending to things when she asks. All of this is causing tension between the parents of the bride (us) and the 2 of them. We are paying for the wedding. I want to be clear, he’s very frugal and not wasting $ …just slower than us to make decisions. She’s come to us for advice and is very upset and I don’t know what to tell her. I’ve tried the “give him a deadline and then if he doesn’t meet it, just go ahead and get the item done yourself” but apparently then he gets angry at her for not including him. The perennial rock and a hard place..pls tell me what I should tell her …I’m very worried