Wedding Drama

I feel like I’m creating drama that doesn’t need to be there since I know how sensitive my mom and sister are.

I am getting married next year and having a bigger wedding, but my fiance and I are doing a courthouse ceremony next month with 2 witnesses (my brother and sister in law) who live in our city.

My mom and sister and mad that they’re not coming to that, but we wanted to be fair to my fiances siblings/parents as well and not have one set come. Everybody aside from my brother/sister in law who are coming as required witnesses lives a 5+ hour drive away so it just made sense to have them be there. We’re only allowed 6 people in the ceremony due to covid and don’t want to detract from our real wedding this year by putting to much pressure on something we wanted to be private and just for ourselves.

My mom and sister are now upset and aren’t calling me as much and are being very awkward on the phone when they do. I did so much for my sister’s wedding (including quarantining for 2 weeks with a smile on my face and nothing but support) so I’m kind of hurt and frustrated that my boundaries aren’t being understood. Is it too much to expect someone to not only honor a boundary, but also to understand/respect it and not treat you any differently because of it?

I know I shouldn’t let their feelings affect me, but the relationships feel strained and I don’t want it to be that way.