Wedding Thoughts

I had a great coaching call with Lisa this week! I wanted to share my thoughts around my wedding to see if I have the results right. I want to move towards changing these thoughts by seeing all the results I’m creating.

Is this a thought? I’m creating all this drama around my wedding. I could choose to think that I’m just having thoughts about my wedding right?

Here are the models:
C August 3, 2019 (Wedding Date)
T I have a crappy self-esteem.
F Self Loathing
A Spin in thoughts, beat myself up, accept it as truth
R Create evidence for how I have a crappy self esteem?

C “”
T I’m not whole myself.
F not enough
A beat myself up, search for parts of myself externally
R Perceive not to be whole?

C “”
T There are so many things I need to change about myself.
F overwhelm
A notice everything that needs to change about me, spin in thoughts, not move forward
R Create evidence that I need to change?

C “”
T I’m not enough.
F unworthy
A beat myself up, spin in thoughts, seek validation, people please
R Not allow myself to be enough?

What I’m trying to do is just remind myself that these things are not truth. They are just sentences in my mind. I really need to ladder step my way to new thoughts (they all just seem so true)! Here are some ladder thoughts, but I’d appreciate some suggestions too! I also love the thoughts Lisa M suggested, so I’m going to add them as well (I’m learning how to marry myself & I have a life ahead of me to become the best version of me and I won’t be alone in this journey). She really helped remind me that these are JUST thoughts. I say them like it’s fact and that’s where I get caught.

I have a crappy self-esteem. — I’m willing to consider that I have a self-esteem.
I’m not whole myself. — I’m willing to consider that I could believe I’m whole. I’m willing to consider that there are parts of me that are whole.
I’m not ready emotionally. — I’m learning how to handle my emotions. I’m willing to consider that my emotions are okay.
I’m not enough. — I am human. I’m learning how to see myself as enough.
There are so many things I need to change about myself. — It could be true that there is nothing that I need to change about me. It’s possible there is nothing I need to change about me.
For all of them – This is just a thought, not a fact.

Instantly my mind wants to FREAK. Thoughts – What do you mean? Everyone has something they need to change. You do need to make changes in order to be ready for marriage. (Is this the part where you just allow the thoughts to be there?)

Thank you!