I was weeding our very weedy garden this morning while thinking about SCS. It was hot, and it was hard physical work. I didn’t love it, but it had to be done. Well, I wanted it to be done (nobody was telling me to do it).

It’s much like the work we are doing here, right? It’s hard, it’s tedious, it’s dirty and messy.

But weeding a garden is like working on our thoughts. The more we can find clarity and space, the easier and more productive the garden can grow.

The misery and hard work must be part of it all because without them, we don’t get beautiful produce and flowers.

Plus… the work is never done because weeds grow back.

So all we need to do is keep at it, and enjoy the process along the way.

Not a question at all here, but wanted to share with you that SCS has changed my brain in a major way! 🙂

I enjoyed the weeding. And I loved what I saw after it was done (for now).