Week 1 Day 2: Ideas that led to accomplishments

For Day 2’s homework, I am going through my list of major accomplishments in my life and writing down the idea that led to it. However, I wonder if my writing is more like a “thought” I’m having about it rather than “the idea that led to it.” I’m not sure if there is a clear distinction Brooke makes between “ideas” vs thoughts about the accomplishment. For example, one of my accomplishments is presenting at a major conference. The idea I wrote is, “This may be a little scary and a little daunting, but I would like to do this to open up possibilities for connection, career and learning opportunities, and potential for what may arise and be created in this moment.”
Or, another accomplishment is giving a lecture at a university. For the idea that led to it, I wrote: “It’s a bit scary but I will accept the invitation and present because I have something to share and a perspective that is important. I am proud of myself and this is a way to celebrate my work.”

Does this capture the spirit of the “idea that led to it?”
Thank you!