week 2-feeling down

First of all – hello and thank you !!!
I am in week 2 – doing my exercises , watching videos, listening over and over podcasts , my priority is overeating . So far nothing happening, i am on very good protocol for 1 week now – 2 salads , with protein ( mainly plant protein – nuts, seeds ), very small amount of brown sticky rice occasionally – weight does not move (((.
Thoughts are crawling in to drop the whole thing , because all i feel is passively accumulating knowledge but no practical implementing or training , at least don’t see how to get it – except for writing in this section .
I am aware of tutoring, will take advantage of it.
I have no particular question except may be to get an advise – how to structure my work more productively. feeling like i am paying for something i am not taking full advantage of .
model on this – c – SCS
t- nothing works for me , cancel membership
f – lost , pissed off, doubtful ,sad
a – writing to Brooke, crying, seeking for help
r – all the same as before
help me to come up with different model !!! please. Julia