Week 2 pages 36-37 in workbook is an amazing exercise

I just worked through pages 36-37 in the “emotional balance” workbook and I am in tears because of the relief I am feeling right now. This is a powerful exercise. Two of the indulgent emotions I identified last week are “drained” and “unworthy”. As I worked through them just now as instructed, I see that they are both happening because I have decided in advance that they should be the outcome.

For “drained”, my decision/thought in advance is: “I won’t have enough energy for this.” I was shocked to realize that is not true, it’s just my belief! I have always told myself I am hardwired a certain way, which is why I find some things to be draining. But that is just a thought. I can choose not to think it!

For “unworthy”, my thought is “Deciding I don’t have enough training or skills or resources to do this.” But I know now my worthiness is totally unrelated to any actions, skills, or circumstances, so I can think differently now.

Interestingly, I can see that both “drained” and “unworthy” are, for me anyway, caused by scarcity thoughts I have been thinking. Now I am crying again because I feel I have released myself from a place of scarcity and I can think abundant thoughts instead. And I can choose this new thought and think it any time I want.

I have been in Scholars for 8 or 9 months and I am blown away that I keep having breakthroughs! This time, I can see for myself that I don’t have to choose to be trapped in scarcity by my past thoughts. That is only a thought, not a truth. Thank you so much!