Week 3 assignment and a model

Hi Brooke!
My purpose is “To embrace my wholeness and re-discover my love for life and the world.” My area of focus is weight loss. I want to lose 100lbs in 18 months (does that seem realistic?)

Ok my model I am wondering about. I read (too many I’m sure) mom blogs about enjoying life when kids are little because you will miss that time so much. I have a 7 year old, 2 year old and 6 month old. I have found journaling about our day and focusing on all the lovely moments is helping me to appreciate this time in my life. However, I find my thoughts going to a bad place about the future. Teenage years 🙂 So here is my model:

C: kids
T: better enjoy it now because going to get very scary and sad when they age
F: depression
A: visualize scary stuff and dread the future
R: not enjoying my time when they are little

C: kids
T: I choose to enjoy every age of my childrens’ lives
F: excited freedom
A: I find the good at every age and visualize myself happy when they are teens
R: I’m creating a happy now and I have the tools to always create a happy now

Thoughts? Especially since you have teens 🙂