Week 3 Day 3 Homework: Activity vs Action

“Remember, it can’t just be an activity, it needs to be an action that produced a measurable result.”

My idea is to create an empire of resources for geeks and gamers to use to kick ass in real life. I sat down to record a live video in the Facebook group that I run on a specific topic. I went live. I saved it. I posted it. Is that just an activity? Or is the measurable result that I now have that resource, the live version available now, and the recording to use in later forms. And it even got some engagement. Not a ton, but some.

I struggle with constantly feeling like I’m not doing enough. I think part of this is a combination of doing a lot of activities and thinking they’re actions *and* not giving myself credit for the work that I’m doing and the actions that I am taking.

So could you provide some more examples of activities vs actions? And what the ensuring measurable result would be? Does it depend on what the ultimate goal is? For example, if the ultimate goal of doing those videos is to create a following from which to enroll clients (which has been a goal in the past for me), then would that change the answer of whether it’s an activity vs an action?