Week 3 – Plans to Allow this Feeling on Purpose

I found the 3 feelings that I tend to resist.
Failure – Insecurity – Depressed

It was really easy for me to find thoughts causing this.

I have no clients.
My business is never going to be real.
I am not making money.
I am disappointing myself and husband.

I must be a horrible coach.
I don’t know enough.
I need a certification to be taken seriously.

Can I even help anyone?
No one wants to work with me.
No one sees value in me.
I will probably never succeed
My son is not health and we have no clue what the issue is of how that will affect his military enlistment.
My husbands job is a nightmare – he in unhappy and we have no idea what the future in a couple months will look like.

But the plans to allow these feeling on purpose……not really sure.
What is the work to allow these—without allowing these thought and feelings to take over?