Week of no sugar – Day 1

I worked on my new goal to stop buffering with sugar yesterday in my 1-1.
After realising I couldn’t even envisage going a week without sugar, I have set myself the goal to do go a week without (processed) sugar at all. Fruit is okay.
I would like to write in each day here to keep myself accountable and get some feedback as I go.
My goal is to not use sugar to buffer. I am fit and healthy, so want to do it to deal with buffering, rather than weight loss (though improved sleep would be a bonus side-effect if that happens!). Eventually I will be happy to still have some sugar from time to time, e.g. birthday cake at a planned event – but to not use it as a buffer or when it is from an urge.
I’ve decided to start Day 1 with my ‘homework’ from my 1-1 – two lists of everything I think will happen/I will feel during or at the end of the week – the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’.
It will be so hard- the week will feel like a slog/grind.
My previous resentment of working so hard will come up again (and I will make that mean I’m going backwards on my thought work progress around that!).
I will have to work through urges which takes ‘brain energy’ from me that I prefer to put into my business (which is why I give into them – I ‘choose’ to prioritise the work I want to get done over dealing with the emotion/urge/thought work).
I may question my belief in myself that I can do hard things – which I do truly believe – but this may show otherwise!
– It will give me information about the emotions and thoughts I’ve been buffering over.
– From there I will be able to make informed choices about my life – how I can make my life so good that I don’t need to buffer.
– It will be a new experience!
– I will feel powerful and proud if I succeed. (I am aware of the ‘if’ there! But ‘when’ doesn’t feel believable – yet)
Any feedback or work you might suggest from any of this?
Many thanks 🙂