Week of No Sugar – Day 2

Thank you for the great suggestion to turn my second list into powerful Qs. Using that method, I noticed that when I wanted sugar today, the thoughts prevailing were:
I don’t have to do this.
I’ll do it next week when I’m not so busy.
This isn’t my priority right now – I should leave it and come back another time.

My main issue seems to be that I can’t do TWO hard things at the same time, haha.

So the Q I can ask myself – which would be very powerful for the rest of my life and future would be – how could I do two hard things at once and?

Though, there is an aspect of ‘the grind’ and ‘hustle’ in this, which I am also working on getting away from or trying to do/think of differently (as that is my default).
I wonder if there is another way for me to consider this?

Thank you.