Week of no sugar – Days 5, 6 + 7

It’s not been as big a deal as I imagined. In a good way 🙂

I think I’d turned this into some huge mountain and something that was going to reveal big insights into me and my life.

What it HAS taught me is that:

– I do feel I have my life priorities in order. I know what I want to work hard at and in what ways I want to evolve myself. Maybe this is me ‘slacking off’ but I don’t think sugar is ‘my curriculum’ as Brooke would put it. It’s not the huge thing I made it up to be.
– The aim is not to be ‘perfect’ and NEVER buffer, but to become aware of when I’m wanting to buffer and why.
– I have also become more aware of my habits for snacking when I don’t really need to and when an urge is coming from my thoughts (and the want of comfort from food or sugar) or when it is from a chemical/physical habit.
And my overall interesting one…
– I think I have a tendency to think that life and its rewards require hard work. So, when life is good, I tend to think that I should give myself an extra challenge to balance that out, rather than enjoy it.
i.e. Banning all sugar will be hard. And life is good at the moment, so let’s add in something hard.

I’m all for challenges that will move me and my life forwards, but this has felt more like ‘doing something for the sake of it’. I’ve proven myself in this particular ‘challenge’, though I already believe that I can do hard things and other things give me lots more to get over.

And then funnily enough I watched the July 2018 Diamond Call this morning (just turned Diamond last month so I’m catching all the previous recordings!) and the coaching at the beginning of the third member summed it up perfectly. Don’t just pick something hard because it will be hard. Pick something that moves you closer to where you want to go.

(I’m still sending this in as sometimes it is the small things that we miss, so please feel free to point out anything I may not have seen for myself here!)