Weekend email

Over the weekend I emailed someone I like (find them attractive etc.)  It was just a short email with a link to a resource we had talked about.  I thought they would email back and say “thanks” or something but they didn’t.  I kept checking my email all weekend and was sad when I didn’t hear back.  In my mind, if they didn’t reply it means they don’t like me the same way I like them.  I ran 2 models and was wondering if you could look at them and see if they need cleaning up a bit.  Thanks!!!!!

C:  Sent email on Saturday
T:  If they don’t reply they don’t like me.
F:  Anxious
A:  Keep checking my inbox
R:  I don’t get a reply and I feel sad.

The new model:

C:  Sent and email on Saturday
T:  I am so busy living an exciting life, I don’t have time to check emails very often
F:  Happy
A:  Go running, cook nice meals, do all the things I enjoy doing (within the quarantine rules)
R:  I don’t care if I get a reply or not