Weekend protocol


During the week I have a protocol of breakfast and lunch that I eat at work and that are at work and predecided. Oatmeal and salad to sum it up. At home my in-laws cook (yes I am that lucky 😉) and I eat what they make except I avoid bread. I have been doing this for 2 weeks and I feel good and its working. Here is a hitch – weekend. I have a planed breakfast but lunch and dinner are rougher to plan as we are social butterflies and 1st times are off and I have no clue what I will have a choice of. I am deciding to incorporate this in my protocol. Not stress about it but have 3 meals maybe lunch at dinner not at the same times as usually and at those times avoid bread and sugar. I just don’t want to spiral into guilt and then feel bad about not following everything too a T. I have actually gone to a party where I have not eaten anything but I did end up trying new kind of fruit. If I am not hungry I don’t have to eat or I just won’t eat dinner if we are going somewhere. Can this work as a protocol?