Weekends eats

Hi Brooke! So, here is my Q, I’ve noticed that during the week I do not have desire for foods outside my protocol. I follow intermittent fasting with 8 hour window, and everything you suggest. During the weekends, however, when Friday comes I have thoughts like: I want something different and delicious to eat, I want things to be more spontaneus, not rigid and have a break from cooking chicken, and the list goes on in the same line and pattern. I also plan my joy eats but as soon as I’m done with the joy eat I don’t want to go back to eating plain chicken breast, which I believe you’ve noticed I don’t like. Interstingly though, when monday comes, there is no chatter, no negotiations, no nothing. I found that puzzeling. Note that I am not overweight, and I’ve whatched (and currently applying) the stop overating and how to feel better workshops (briliant!) because I wanted to create a peaceful relationship with food. Thoughts? Thank you so much for all that you do, you are AMAZING. I love you my friend! Cheers