Weekly Assignment Assistance

Hi Brooke

I have looked at an event from my past which I ‘want’ to change my thoughts about but am not sure I am doing this right. Here is what I got:

1. Choose one significat thing you want to change from your past and write it here

My Mother died of breast cancer when I was 12 years old

2 What is the current story you have been telling about this event?

My Mum should not have died, I needed her and she abondoned me. She should have lived long enough to build a strong solid adult relationship witht me so it wouldn’t be so hard for me to remember her and her voice. She shouldn’t have got breast cancer and she should not have left me when I was so young.

3 Fact of Event

Mum died of breat cancer when I was 12 years old. This is now 32 years ago.

4 What is the story you WANT to tell yourself about what this event means?

My mum did not choose to get sick and die. It was not an option for her to stay as it was not something she could control. If she did have control over this she would have stayed and loved me longer. It was best for her to go as she was suffering and in so much pain.

5 What can you keep from this event that is powerful and strengthening? What can you let go of?

I learned to take care of myself from a young age.
Closer relationship with my Dad
Close family with siblings as a result of us banding together
Very close loving relationship with my Nan (Mums mum who is now also deceased).

Not sure about 4 and 5, part of me does not want to let go of this event as I feel I am letting go of Mum and I should be sad about it , not sure if i want to keep any memories or thoughts about this event.

Appreicate your help