Weekly assignment and dog paddling

Weekly work on list of areas we are self confident in has been difficult. I have just a few areas. Several years ago I could fill up multiple pages even on things I’ve never tried. I was highly self confident around the areas related to my work skills and abilities and ability to handle anything but not so much around some personal areas but I worked on them and tried new things.

In the last several years I am feeling like a shell of my former self. I have a hard time focusing now and feel overwhelmed with the sheer amount of work before me in my day job and having three job titles. Going through peri-menopause or having other physical issues going on isn’t helping matters. And yeah, my focus on it isn’t helping matters either.

So now I feel stumped for areas of confidence because I have none anymore in my work life. I feel like I’m dropping balls left and right and dog paddling as hard as I can just to stay afloat…never mind having a fun and enjoyable swim. Lol. Well there is one new area. Confident I can make a joke or find something funny in even the direst of my life situations.

Perhaps this is an area for some coaching with you on a call?