Weekly evaluation

Hello, here is my evaluation for the week. Could I have your feedback on how I am doing this assessment. I want to make sure I am using this tool in a way that serves me. Thank you ! 🙂

What worked:
– I did two coaching sessions in which my clients had “aha” moments and said “oh you are so strong”, I noticed an awareness
– I made the decision to join a business network as a coach (not legal counsel) and I plan to use this network to publish articles (provide value), meet people who fit my niche and tell them I am a coach
– I’ve been forgetting Instagram posts every day saying I can help as a coach – I’ve been consistent
– I coached myself every day which got me out of the doubt and fatigue in which I tended to “indulge into them” and stay inactive, not making offers
– I used my LCS mentoring session to review a client’s Model and learned new questions, improved my coaching skills

What didn’t work:
– I haven’t heard back from the two people I consulted with in the last week
– No one has contacted me as a result of my posts
– I’ve been thinking a lot about “this isn’t working,” “this is taking too long,” and “I can’t get my business off the ground while being legal counsel.”
– I started late with my schedule every day

What I will do differently:
– Be more intentional with my time by committing to starting on time.
– I refocus on “it’s working, my business is taking off, I know my 4 clients are coming in and will contact me soon”.
– I also refocus on “I have exactly the time I need to produce the results I want
– I include in my agenda for the week 1 slots to plan precisely and put in my calendar all the ideas I have to meet more people and make offers and produce free value