This week’s podcast about being shy

I love that you did a podcast on this. Since stopping drinking, I have had to face social situations without the alcohol and realized that I was really out of practice dealing with my mind in the social setting. I actually found myself avoiding social situations, so my impossible goal for the year was to make 12 new friends (I have posted on here about that before). I have forced myself to go into social situations and have conversations that I wouldn’t normally had and I came to the exact same strategies that you talk about in this podcast! It was torture in the beginning to deal with all of my thoughts before, during and after an event, but it has gotten so much better with practice and using these strategies. I still am an introvert, but I no longer feel like I want to vomit when I am invited to an event. 🙂 I love this podcast and it’s going to be my go to to listen to prior to social events.