Weigh Loss & The Rush

Please check out my TDL and Unintentional Models. I am all over the place right now, so it’s nice to get it out and sit with the negative emotions right now. Will you please reply with some questions that I can answer to do some further writing about and provide feedback on all the models. Thanks!

I woke up and said, just do it get on the scale, I didn’t think I would have gained another pound, but I did and felt shocked. My mind went immediately to going to the island, being on vacation there and gaining weight, I wanted to blame the condo — when I go there I eat whatever I want. And it’s true, I go with the flow and keep it simple by eating whatever is made for dinner — I also drank two drinks everyday there which is not usually what I do. After blame, I say I hear you, I go through the list of all the things I put in my mouth that I don’t typically. Then I want to go to — it wasn’t that bad, it’s your thyroid — If I can’t loose weight, I won’t be a good weight loss coach — I need a good solid weight loss coach — and the cycle begins again — I need to restrict, I need to stay on protocol, get back to it — right now I am feeling frustrated, but I keep going. Interesting how my mind wants to go to blaming the condo and making that a bad place and wants to punish me for going there and taking time off. Feeling bummed right now that this has to be such a struggle.

C: Beach Condo
T: When I go there I eat whatever I want.
F: Checked out
A: I ignore my eating protocol, I drink, I eat junk food, I mindlessly eat, I relax on the beach, I sleep in, I go 30 min. run/walks,
R: I don’t check-in with my self.

C: Overeat this last weekend
T: It wasn’t that bad.
F: Mad
A: I beat myself up, run through the list of what I ate and judge it all, wasting time on thinking what’s wrong with me, plan my food protocol for the day, get back on track, think about how I am going to make better choices next weekend.
R: I step back into bad habits that don’t help me.

C: Gained another pound, currently at 157
T: If I can’t loose weight, I won’t be a good weight loss coach.
F: Frustrated
A: do a thought download and clean up, put pressure on myself to have it all figured out, go through the cycle again, do yoga/cycle/protocol
R: I rush in just to set myself up again for pressure.