Weighing Everyday YIKES

Hi Brooke,

I read that you suggest we weigh everyday. I have been doing that and wow, it’s hard. I have over 100lbs to lose and the number is always so big it freaks me out. And my weight fluctuates 2-3 pounds a day. I’ve set a goal to lose 6.66 pounds a month. So far this month I’ve lost approximately 5, depending on the day. So I feel confident I am going to reach my goal. But the scale is a real negative trigger for me. Here is the model I did around it. What do you think.

C: Weighing everyday
T: The scale makes me crazy
F: frustrated, judged, inpatient, depressed
A: Start to feel like its going to take FOREVER!
R: Start questioning why I’m trying, yet, another program!

New thought
C: Weighing Everyday
T: Weighing every day keeps me conscious and connected to my body
F: aware, determined, motivated
A: Follow Protocol and do thought work
R: The scale will go down, I’ll reach my goals, my thinking will be changed and the weight battle will over for good.