Weight and Perfection Part 4

So I have defined perfection as having unrealistic and unreasonable expectations. I want to know why I set unreasonable expectations. I will put setting unreasonable expectations in my action line.

C: Weight loss (or any goal for that matter)
T: I have to prove my worthiness
F: Anxiety
A: set unrealistic expectations like no sugar ever, no flour ever, staying on protocol 100 percent of the time, no room for failure, no room to grow and learn
R: I never learn how worthy I am???

If I ask myself what does it mean to be worthy? I get to be valuable. If I replace worthiness with being valuable. I get the thought I have to prove my value. But if I look at my action line. None of those actions prove my value. It’s actually what I do with those actions that prove my value. It’s what I learn from taking action that is valuable. It’s my own insight that is valuable. How are eating sugar and value connected? What does that even mean? How can eating no sugar mean I am valuable? There is no link between my value and the sugar or flour I eat or not eat.
Instead, I gain such valuable insight when I allow myself to approach weight loss from curiosity. That is when I open up my own innate wisdom and adjust my behavior from it. I keep my value hidden when I set unreasonable expectations.
Is this model correct? Is there another R I am missing?