Weight = circumstance or result?

Hi Brooke!
Thank you so much for your answers, your support and your faith in us…
This morning, while I was listening to a coaching call in which a lady scholar was trying to control her husband, it suddenly dawned on me that I was trying to control my weight the same way – “it shouldn’t be what it is right now!” So I used the May relationships questions to work on my overdesire to control my weight. I’m five kilos overweight so I could think it’s not a big deal but I’ve been resisting that number on the scale forever.
C – my weight
T – I shouldn’t weigh 60kgs!
F – resisting
A – I’m trying to control my food, my actions, my results
R – by trying to control my weight, I don’t accept it and I don’t accept control either so I end up weighing 60kgs (or even more)
My intentional pattern brought me relief:
C – my weight
T – My weight is what it is, just like the sky is blue
F – relief
A – I follow my protocol just because it makes me feel SO good inside, just like my 30 minute workouts every morning
R – my weight takes care of itself just like I take good care of myself
Do you think it would be a good idea to consider my weight as a circumstance rather than a result? Any other thougths on that topic?
Thank you so much and have a great day!