Weight coaching program fees (please help)

Hi Brooke!

I have been offering TrimLife for two years, a 6-week weight release program using hypnotherapy (created by the Wellness institute). It’s been great, and some of my clients do really well. Some don’t love it because it’s a lot of emotional work. Ha!

I am in the middle of creating a new program, using some of the gems from that program, but also incorporating everything else I have learned these last two years, plus acupuncture and hypnosis sessions. (I am an acupuncturist, clinical hypnotist and health coach by training).

I am thinking of making it an 8-week program (in person, one-on-one, 2 hour each session) with unlimited support in between sessions (emails). What’s a reasonable fee for this kind of program? In my head it’s $950, but not convinced that it’s the right number. I can’t quite make it higher in my mind. Thoughts?