My weight doesn’t go down

Being follow protocol religiously , 4 days straight no desire for food , joy food – peaches from the market – once a week on Sunday .
IF – eat from 2/4 pm till 8pm , salad for lunch with 2 tablespoons of sunflower butter ( fat ), protein ( fish ) , avocado.
Dinner – salad – quinoa or rice , or sushi roll.
I put on my calendar if I don’t get 144 lbs today on my scale , will schedule phone call with Pat . Which I did – for tomorrow .
Wondering if I should save it for something more crucial in future 😊
I am in relatively good place with my mind and not being obsessed over weight , but still lots of work to be done – scale effects my mood 😊😊😊
There is no particular question , kind of needed to vent . Thank you