weight gain in december

Hi coaches. I’m writing to discuss overeating. My background in terms of weight loss / weight maintenance was good, ie until late November and for at least a year I was maintaining my weight & happy with my way of eating. For a number of reasons, in December I overate a lot and as of today (6th January when I weighed in) I have put on 4 kg in a month. I think the overeating is the result of a gloomy mood I’ve had in the last month and a half, but then the overeating also leads to a gloomy mood too, if that makes sense, so that becomes circular.

Here’s my unintentional model on this from this morning, to get some feedback & think of how to proceed. I feel a bit stuck & unsure where to start.

C: scales today (weight number); ate off plan yesterday
T: Can’t believe the number on scales today and the amounts I ate yesterday -have put on 4 kg in a month, I feel horrible about this
F: very gloomy
A: can lead to confusion
ie not sure how to proceed
to fast?
to turn to Scholars?
to turn to friends?
to use weight loss app?
to ignore the whole thing?
leads to despairing and circular feelings
can lead to self neglect in other ways – not showering often enough, not looking after clothes & appearance as much
R: respond in a way that doesn’t address the problem