Weight gain worries

Hi coaches, I’ve been following a protocol for my eating & gradually going through the overeating masterclass (in the VIP section). I weigh myself daily which has been a habit for years. In the last period of time (a few months) I’m noticing I am not losing weight easily & in fact quite easily gain weight. I have quite panicky thoughts about this – linked to being in menopause and ideas of weight being ‘out of control’.

The actual facts when I look at them are quite different. In reality, over the last 5 years I’ve maintained my weight quite well, with fluctuations – my weight is within the very very mildly overweight BMI category (BMI 26). My aim is to get my weight down to mid-range normal BMI area, to improve my health & my appearance, and get cholesterol down. It’s proving hard.

But as I said my main question today is about these panicky thoughts regarding the menopause as I think they create problems then in implementing my plan. Here are my models on this today – I would love some help on next steps & formulating my intentional model better

unintentional model
C: scale today 77.7 kgs
T: I am gaining weight in an out of control way, despite my efforts, because of the menopause
F: panic
A: I am confused about my protocol and more likely to make quick changes more than once a week, I’m more likely to buffer, give up completely, overeat, binge eat
R: I don’t lose weight

Next best thought could be -Intentional model
C: scales today 77.7 kgs
T: ??
F: committed, persistent
A: remain on my protocol, be clear about it, tweak it only once weekly on Fridays, keep doing the exception worksheets, the meditation daily, the linking up with coaches, the weekly reviews, the daily planning, work on buffering outside the protocol
R: I lose the weight I want and reach 68 kgs