Weight Goal and Day 1 on protocol

Hi Brooke. I’m 44, 5’2″ and weigh (145lb) 66kg. I’ve just seen you advise someone else similar to myself to aim for 120lb (54kg). REALLY! Would this be my goal weight too (as I lol with sad face)

Secondly… today I started Day 1 of my Protocol. Eating window 1100-1900 hours. I didn’t eat until 1230 cos I was busy and was only at about a -4 on hunger scale. (Last ate 17.5 hrs previous). I had Fried Salmon approx 4oz, 8oz salad mix, 3 oz pumpkin boiled and 1 tablespoon avocado oil. It was FANTASTIC. I was about +5 at completion. My next meal is in an hour. 1830hrs. Over the past few hours when I think I am hungry I check in with myself and the sensation in my tummy is not there indicating I’m not actually hungry. BUT… I can feel the back of my mouth watering like I want to eat something. Ive tried to figure out what this is about. I only notice it occur when I think about eating. Please help me wrap my head around what is going on with my body. Thanks in advance