Weight & Hashimoto’sI would like some feedback on my model around my weight & Hashomoto’s circumstance.

My weight on the scale hasn’t changed in three weeks. I am following my protocol and have honestly followed till the last few days. For the last year I have been trying to figure out how to cure my night sweats and after trying all things natural and how to do it on my own by balancing blood sugar levels I finally saw a naturopathic doctor. It was after my consultation with him last week that I cut myself a break. We are going to work on my Hashimotos (thyroid disease), heal the gut in order to align the hormones.

It was after this consolation that my thoughts around food and my weight shifted. “It makes sense that my weight won’t change because of my thyroid issue.” Since Wednesday, I haven’t been 100% committed to my plan and have made exceptions because I think it doesn’t matter since I am working on healing the thyroid. This situation is similar to one I had 5 years ago, after I got thyroid help, my weight came off and I felt so much clearer. So I am waiting for the supplements/medications to take effect. In the mean time I want to stick to protocol, because it does matter, I believe proper nutrition is so healing for the body.

C: Thyroid Disease (Hashimoto’s)
T: I have this thyroid issue, so it doesn’t matter.
F: Conflicted
A: Not following my food plan because I feel uninspired, keep with the doctors prescription, continue my daily self-care rituals.
R: Inflammation in the body which prolongs healing of the thyroid. Unsteady blood sugar levels which throw off hormones. The cycle continues and the weight doesn’t drop.

C: Thyroid Disease (Hashimoto’s)
T: It makes sense that my weight won’t change because I am dealing with a hormonal imbalance caused by my Hashimoto’s.
F: Patient
A: Getting hormone testing, getting digestion tested, taking out intense workouts, practicing yoga and meditation, continuing with my food protocol, working with doctor and following prescription order.
R: Heal my thyroid, balance hormones and drop the weight