Weight loss

I’m trying to lose 10 pounds and am very discouraged. I am doing intermittent fasting and following a protocol and over the last month I really haven’t lost any weight at all. I have been quite hungry at times and so it makes me feel discouraged that it’s just not going to work. I’m 48 and am having thoughts like, “It’s impossible to lose weight during peri menopause,” “this isn’t working,” or “this will never work.” I get so discouraged every time I see the scale and it not budging.

Here is a sample model:
C: Scale says weight X
T: Nothing is working
F: Discouraged, helpless
A: Don’t weigh myself anymore, stray from my protocol, buffer with food
R: I don’t lose weight

I realize that the weight on the scale is a neutral circumstance but it still just feels so powerful to me. I feel like if I were just a few pounds lighter I would feel better. How do I start feeling better now so I can work towards my goals? I’m having trouble coming up with an intentional thought. Thanks for your help.