Weight loss and maintenance

I have decided to make my 20 pound weight loss goal my impossible goal for next year. I’m so excited about it!

I want to have a time limit on this though, otherwise I find myself thinking thoughts like, “I have a lot of time. I can just buckle down and focus later (and eat the chocolate covered almonds now.)” I’m really working to make this a maintainable lifestyle change, and I want to practice thoughts like “This is my life now.”

So, my impossible goal for next year is to lose the weight, and then maintain it!

I plan to achieve my weight loss goal by May. I’m having a difficult time thinking about possible worthy fails that are different every quarter with regards to maintaining my weight loss.

I would also like to set the impossible goal of making 100k in my business WHILE maintaining my 20 lb weight loss. That feels absolutely impossible. (I know for sure I will want to buffer with food.) But this would mean I would sort of have 2 impossible goals for 2019.

Would you recommend that I first work on my original impossible goal of losing weight and maintaining it, and when I achieve that, move on to the other impossible goal of making 100k? Or should I just constrain to the weight loss and maintenance?

I really do need to grow my business, so it’s something I would like to work on as well…. Maybe doing one of them at a time is enough constraint?