Weight loss…Bat wings and chicken neck

I just joined the program and I have a self-limiting thought that I’m not sure how to conquer. I am 59 years old and have yo-yo dieted my entire life, going up and down 20-40 lbs. I am currently heavier than I have ever been and ready to learn how to control my eating forever. I had most recently lost 25 pounds about two years ago. I was basically doing the keto diet and exercising faithfully, including light weight training. Here’s my issue. Because of my age and as an after-effect of yo-yo dieting, my skin has lost all it’s elasticity. After losing the weight, the skin on my arms, neck and legs was extremely loose and crepey. I have the bat wings no matter what I weigh, but after losing weight, they are just flappin’ in the wind! So, I’ve had difficulty lately trying to motivate myself to lose the weight because I have that image in my mind and recognize that there’s nothing I can do at this stage of life to change that. I still want to lose the weight but I need your help to understand how I can get encouraged and get past that limiting thought, because, to me, it’s a FACT. ;o] Thanks, Julie