Weight loss before summer vacation goal – Failed

Hello Coaches,

In February, I decided on a weight loss goal for the year and I lost a bit that month. Very little. But still great for me of course.
After February, no more weight loss, I did not keep up with my goals.

6 weeks before my beach holiday, I wrote down again a weight loss goal to be achieved in this time.
I did not lose a pound.

In 10 days the summer beach holiday is coming and I am freaking out.
Husband and child are excited, I am feeling like that deadline is coming and I did not make it and I cannot make it and I would love to lose at least a few kilos but even so I would be so so so so far away from my goal.

I am in Europe so it is a fact, not a thought, that 99% of the women at the resort will be more in shape than me.
I know the resort, I know the country, I have been there many times.
My legs are full of cellulite and I look very pregnant in anything I wear.
My body simply looks bad.
I find myself even thinking that I don’t want this great summer vacation to come.
I want to feel excited like my daughter and husband.
I want to feel sexy in a bathing suit.
I want to look good at dinner.
I eat well, I fast, and I cannot “break” my weight.