Weight Loss Goal – Change

I had a weight loss goal to lose 15 points by May 31, 2020 which I made at the beginning of the year. I have not lost any weight. In one of your responses below to a Scholar who had an income goal (success vs. ambition), the coach made an analogy to a car ride and of not having drama if she thought the thought I will get to “Exit 140” no matter what even if there was a traffic jam and she’s currently at “Exit 57”.

I don’t see how this works in my example (and possible the income goal in the “success vs. ambition” example) if we literally cannot meet the goal in the time frame that we provided.

Do I adjust the deadline or weight loss? I am not believing the “no matter what” suggestion because I have current thinking that my original goal did not happen “no matter what” because of the thoughts I was thinking and actions I was taking. How can I think of my adjusted goal to make it more achievable?