Weight loss goal

Hi Brooke,
Thank you for including your Stop Overeating workshop in SCS.
It took me some time working on my protocol, but I found something simple, no sugar no flour and it’s working! I have been on similar diets before, low carb higher protein with fat, but never with these results and with much more ease. The intermittent fasting is new for me but seems to be really making the difference along with the thought work I’m doing (struggles some days but I have really made great progress and it seems to be getting easier with practice). I eat at 12 noon and 5 pm. I love that having those set times completely stops the chatter over snacks and being obsessed about when will I eat again. I wanted to ask you as a weight loss coach what would be a better weight goal. I’m 45, 5″, used to weigh 163, now 150! I found some ideal body weight calculators online that give me a big range from 95-128. I originally made my goal 115. What would you recommend?