Weight loss impossible goal

Hi! I’m currently working on my impossible weight goal. I have already lost about 30 kg (I guess it’s about 66 lbs) with your stop overeating program (I’m 187 lbs for 5 ft). First, my impossible goal was to weigh 144 lbs, and though I was seeing it as complicated, I understood it wasn’t maybe challenging enough, so now my impossible goal is to weigh 130 lbs by December 24th at 8 am, which makes me completely freak out ! The number on my scale is what will prove that it has been achieved.
Now comes the part of the 25 actions I’m committed to taking. I’m note sure wether I understood it all, so here are the first 10 actions I listed:
1-Sport minimum baseline 7 min everyday
2-OMAD on Wednesday and Friday
3-Weigh myself everyday
4-Do my SCS thought work everyday
5-Plan meals 24 hours in advance
6-No grab ass
7- Fill in the 100 urges worksheet
8- Constraint my food choices
9- boring food when having lunch
10- No breakfast

At first, I thought that the fact that I didn’t always do the actions was part of the epic fails. But after the recent podcast ( Impossible Goal Action) and having re-watched the videos which go along with December topic, I understood it wasn’t the case! So how do I fill in the quarter 1 sheet? What result do I write for each action, when my goal is to lose weight. Do I write my weight at the end of the quarter as a result for the whole bunch of actions? Or do I anticipate for the result of each action (which seems tricky…) ?

Yes, you guessed it I’m confused, and that’s not the emotion I need to feel to accomplish any goal! (You see I’m learning your lessons 😉 )

Thanks in advance,