Weight loss Insight

Hey Brooke,
While I have been blowing my own mind in some ways this year, I have so far felt disappointed in myself and my progress around weight loss – which I feel is my hot button issue. So, I wanted share some insight I had this weekend. I was doing a thought download focused specifically on weight loss. I decided to set the timer, relax and see what images came to mind and wrote those down. I was shocked to see that what came to mind were all images around safety. Things like seeing myself in a snowstorm with out a coat, in the rapids without a raft. These images coupled with a memory that surfaced of me sneaking brownies as a child in the bathroom in our very volatile household made me realize that food has created a sense of safety for me.
I have been focusing on getting myself more organized and cooking cleaner foods and disappointed with myself to stay on plan. But, I think what I learned is that I need to start by creating a world that feels “safe”, so I wont need the safety that food provides. Now, that blew my mind!!
On to a new weight loss journey!

Thank you, Brooke! This is amazing work!