Weight Loss Isn’t Exciting Anymore

I have always wanted to lose weight. When I started working on my mind, I kept finding other issues I avoid by buffering and through doing the work, I improved my habits tremendously. I’m eating for fuel, I’ve become more courageous in showing up as I am and I managed to lose 20 pounds from the overall 60 pounds I had wanted to lose.

I really like where I am at the moment. And I appreciate my body more and my overall confidence is healthy.
The thing is… I can’t find a compelling reason to keep going for the next 40 pounds. I do find it a nuisance that I can’t wear everything I want, but that’s about it… Here’s my current model:

C: I weigh 190
T: I can be 150 if I want to, but not sure I want to
F: Unmotivated
A: Not putting additional effort to lose the weight
R: Same weight

Another model is
C: I weigh 190
T: If I lose 40 more pounds I need to commit to changes required to get me there
F: Fear
A: Avoiding the whole process and questioning the validity of why to lose weight in the first place
R: I weight 190

I asked myself … Why is weight loss on your radar anyway? I felt that it’s more like a habit – I’ve ALWAYS wanted to lose weight.
My question here… What kind of prompts can I use to really dive deeper into this to either let go of the whole weight loss thing, or to really commit and go all in?