Weight loss jan 15/22

I’m close to my goal weight and want to get there by February 14, which is a month away.

I believe I will have to lose 7 lbs to hit my all time ultimate goal weight.

This is the model I think I’ll have when I get there

C: scale says 1×8.0
T: holy shit I am fucking unstoppable
F: powerful
A: take on more wildly amazing projects, knowing that my thoughts are creating this ridiculously amazing reality of mine. I would continue to follow my protocol, I would only ever create protocol from a place of love. I wouldn’t punish myself by using food. I wouldn’t give food any thought at all. I’d eat no sugar no flour no beans, with a reasonable carb cycling schedule. I wouldn’t be concerned about food at all and I wouldn’t be tempted by off protocol foods because I’d feel so in control.
R: I would do more unstoppable powerful things

So is the key to feel and act this way now?