Weight Loss is just Math

Who knew that I could work on losing weight without beating myself up? I have been really strict on protocol and this week I decided that Saturday Date Night, I would have chips and salsa at the Mexican Restaurant. I did eat chips and salsa and because I didn’t plan ahead for HOW MUCH chips and salsa, I ate all of the chips and salsa. And then some more when the waiter refilled the order. It was very interesting today to notice how I began to check out and ended up eating more fajitas then I planned and had an unplanned beverage later.
The fantastic part- I weighed myself this morning, and, as expected, the number was a pound and a half higher than yesterday. I had for one brief moment, a disappointed rant begin, then I stopped it. I reminded myself that my body is working exactly as it is supposed to. I gave it more than we needed, so it stored some. No big deal. Back to protocol today. Next time I will plan not just what I will have, but how much. Lesson learned.

Thank you for helping me see that I can release all of the drama that comes with it.