Weight loss model feedback

Hello Coach.
I’m on this journey to lose weight and for some reason, my brain doesn’t think that the first 30 lbs of this journey counts and the real work is when I hit 145lbs. When I read this it looks ridiculous as there is effort and time needed to lose any 30 lbs no matter where I start. In looking at why I might be feeling this way I think that I have usually made it to 145 and had to work “harder” (in the past probably more extreme dieting mentality eating) to get lower than that weight. Getting to 145 somehow seemed easier to manage. That being said, I do not see the situation as being the same now (as all these pounds seem equally challenging!) and this idea that the first 30 lbs of my weight loss journey “not counting” seems self-sabotaging

Would you give me some feedback on my models?

Current Thinking–

C: I am on a weight loss protocol
T: The lbs I lose before I hit the 145 lb mark don’t count
F: Impatience
A: Extreme dieting behaviors (extra fasts, wondering if I should cut some food out), changing protocols without giving it a chance to work
R: Yoyo dieting, weight gain, inconsistency, not reaching my goal

Proposed new way of thinking:

C: I am on a weight loss protocol
T: Every pound I lose is an equally important pound lost in reaching my goal weight (not sure I really like this)
F: not rushed/acceptance of the pace of weight loss (this is the feeling I want)
A: Stick to protocol and plan whatever the rate of weight loss
R: Lose weight

Thanks for the help!