Weight Loss Motivation

Is it okay to be motivated to lose weight by the thought “Fuck them! I’m going to be thin and fabulous.”

Here’s my unintential model:
C: Friend has not kept a date with me since I told her about my weight loss.
T: she’s jealous of my weight loss
F: hurt, sad, rejected, confused
A: strong desire to overeat, tried one last attempt to meet up and she flakes, play grab ass with good
R: up a few pounds

Intentional thought model
C: friend and I haven’t met up
T:….help bc I keep thinking “Fuck that Bitch. I’m going to be thin and fabulous…just you wait”
F: haughty, momentary relief, anger
A: trt to get back on precise protocol, stop contacting friend, still some grab ass
R: weight loss stalled

Need help with a new T. I’ve been working really hard not to put so much stalk in what other people will say or think of my weight loss (56lbs), but I seem to have circled back here. Can my “Fuck em” thought be a compelling reason?