Weight Loss Newbie

Hi! I’m a newbie, about 2 wks, with focus on weight loss. I’ve been an intermittent faster for a couple years, but just approaching it as basically skipping breakfast. In listening to Brooke in the Stop Overeating webinars, I have become more observant of the actual fasting hours and have also started No Flour No Sugar. I realize I’ve only started and am very likely not fat adapted yet, but might you have some suggestions for me as I’m struggling with intense hunger (that does not come and go until I eat lunch, then returns in the evening once I have opened the fasting window again), very minimal wt loss on the scale, headaches, tired. I’ve needed to have a self-counseling session with my toddler brain every morning after stepping on the scale, as that number does not match my expectations in light of how hungry I’ve felt.

Just a bit more into…I am 70 years old and have had this eating issue my entire adult life and a good part of my childhood. The buffering groove has been firmly entrenched, especially in the evenings before bed. I’m an insomniac from childhood and have used food to calm my anxiety about not being able to sleep.

Thanks so much for any encouragement/tips to help me through this beginning stage of change.