Weight loss, physical issues, plateau or not to plateau?

I have begun my fabulous weight loss journey this month. I have listened to the OE audio book all the way through and I am following the no sugar no flour protocol and I have been amazed… completely amazed at the rapid weight loss. I have 1 thing happening and one question.

1. I have been experiencing things like acne coming out on my face in a few spots and and have not had an allergy going towards fall where I get stuffed up terribly in years until the last few days. I just wondered if this might be the toxins leaving my body with the fat dissapation. I know it sounds weird but I wondered if anyone has experienced it.

2. My mother is excited for me which is great because I have already lost 11 lbs. since August 1st but she says things like… don’t get discouraged because you will plateau… and I think in my mind… I dont think this is a diet and its hard to explain to her… but do you plateau if you are working the program? Will the weight loss continue to be this rapid? I haven’t even dove fully into materials yet because there is so much but I am doing as much reading as time allows and working through the regular and weekly materials no matter what.